World of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard may be underestimating the demand for World of Warcraft Classic

Having too many players isn’t exactly the worst problem a game can have, but that’s exactly the situation facing Blizzard leading up to this month’s long-awaited release of World of Warcraft Classic. In a blog post, Blizzard Community Manager Randy Jordan says that name reservations indicate the Herod realm will face an unprecedented overpopulation problem if players don’t switch to the newly-opened Stalagg realm.

“If all existing players on this server remain there, login queues in excess of 10,000 players are a certainty, and possibly much higher than that,” the update reads. “There are a lot of players currently on Herod and we want Stalagg to fill up before we open any new PvP realms. This is so that player population is spread as evenly as possible before launch, in order to provide the best play experience.” If you are in need of Cheap WOW Classic Mounts, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online and 3% off with a coupon code “5MMO”.
To help ameliorate the problem, Blizzard has opened a new Eastern time zone PvP server called Stalagg, and is encouraging players to switch over to that realm if they’re currently signed up to play on Herod. Jordan says that while Blizzard has the technical capability to raise the population cap on existing servers, that won’t solve the core issue, and that the company wants to make sure the other available realms fill up so the population is evenly distributed among them.

“Our top priority in planning for WoW Classic’s launch has been ensuring that we are laying the groundwork for strong realm communities that will endure over the months and years to follow,” Jordan says. It should be noted that WoW’s current servers can fit many more players in a single realm than what was possible back in 2006. Today’s Medium realm already has more characters than the most crowded realms in 2006. However, Blizzard says it will not be raising the population cap any further as that “would simply forestall the problem,” and create severe queues later on.