World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft subscription revenue up 223% in August 2019

Vanilla WOW Gold According to the analytic firm SuperData in August 2019 consumers spent $ 8.9 billion in games on consoles PCs and mobile devices which is 2% more than in August 2018. The fastest growing segment was the mobile market which brought 62% of the total.

Earlier analysts at Sensor Tower calculated that in August 2019 Pokemon GO brought its creators from Niantic Studio $ 110 million. However SuperData increased that figure to $ 176 million.

The in-game event dedicated to many well-known antagonists of the series Team Rocket contributed to the success. Thanks to this last month was the third most successful month in the history of Pokemon GO. The game earned more only in July ($ 256 million) and August ($ 195 million) in 2016 that is in its first two months.
Revenues from World of Warcraft subscriptions grew 223% in August 2019 compared to July. As you might guess such a growth was facilitated by the opening of WoW Classic servers with a “vanilla” version of the game. cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold However SuperData notes that overall revenue was still lower than in August 2018 when the Battle for Azeroth expansion came out.

Digital sales of console versions of Madden NFL 20 were slightly lower than last year’s release. Given the early release of the game on pre-orders which divided the sales between July and August the digital sales of console versions of the new American football simulator fell by 6% compared to Madden NFL 19.

The NBA 2K franchise income on in-game purchases in August 2019 increased by 39%. This is a relatively low indicator since in the first seven months of this year sales growth averaged 91%. However SuperData notes that August is usually the weakest month for the franchise. provides you the cheapest and fastest WOW Gold all of the game coins are 100% safe! Come on!5% coupon:amvip