Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed PC is now available on Steam

The free-to-play MMORPG Bless Unleashed is now available on Steam. Many aspects have been changed from the console version to better fit PC. Everything from the UI to the combat, controls, and visuals has been overhauled to direct player feedback.

This task is an action MMORPG for PC that allows you to enjoy action battles with monsters on the field not only on a game pad but also with the operation of the keyboard + mouse. As the desolate continent gradually recovers from the man-invited disaster, players are made to have enemies who spend years in a world where Dimon is once again aiming beyond the plane. Survive from inhuman and horrible carnage and stop the threat of your enemies with the blessings of the gods.

On August 9, the game recorded a connection spike bringing together 73,766 simultaneous players. This impressive number lifted Bless Unleashed to the 10th most played games yesterday according to SteamDB. If the title already has a community on consoles, the numbers also show an interest of players in new MMORPG experiences in Buy-to-play or Free-to-Play.

The game, released in 2020, already existed in versions for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Now, ‘Bless Unleashed’ had some aspects changed to be received on computers with the Windows operating system, such as combat, controls and visuals.

Bless Unleashed PC is now available on Steam. To commemorate the official release of the service, a commemorative event will be held where you will get gifts of fast -paced growth support items and “Happy tickets” that can be exchanged for “official service commemoration of GM gift boxes ”. Game * Spark also has a play report for the PC version of “Bless Unleashed” closed beta test.

“Spanning and diverse landscapes full of life await you. From the peaceful and beautiful forests of the Federation of Ribus to the treacherous unknown regions, immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes. The more you explore, the more stories you will find and experience”, follows the disclosure.

In the store, it is possible to purchase Attack Speed ​​Buffs or bonuses to earn more cash. A black spot for some, especially as the game forces you to switch to PvP after level 30. However, the game remains very popular with the community. It remains to be seen if the upcoming releases of New World and Lost Ark will be successful.

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