World of Warcraft Classic

WoW Classic raid team has defeated Onyxia without clothes or world buffs

When you play live-service games for a long time, you tend to get inventive to keep yourself amused. One World of Warcraft raid team recently did so by defeating WoW Classic’s Onyxia while not wearing any clothes – in-game, that is. They were victorious, but people swiftly covered their achievement up by saying world buffs counted as clothes. After another go, the team have now completed WoW Classic’s Onyxia’s Lair raid without clothes or world buffs. They even managed to beat their previous time, too.

One of the team’s raid members bore all the info on Reddit to explain how they did it. This time around, they had more mages and an extra doomkin at the expense of multi-boxing dikkens. The WoW raid team completed most of the raid without using flasks but did end up using four.

For example, one 40 player raid group defeated the dragon Onyxia. This is nothing special in itself; Onyxia is not a long or particularly difficult raid, as raids go. What made it impressive is that the entire raid was done “naked”: no gear, rings, trinkets, or weapons were used. Surprisingly, this was not enough for some people, who said that world buffs carried by the players into the fight compromised its “nakedness.” To prove that their raid group was not all talk, the team re-created their feat without world buffs. Their second attempt was faster than the first by 2 (recorded) minutes. If you want to Buy WOW Classic (RU) Power Leveling, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it’s very safe.

Community feats like this are not unheard of, but are always impressive. In both WoW and Classic, gear is just as important as high-level abilities. Both, plus a good deal of skill, are required to defeat the game’s most powerful threats. Without overpowered trinkets or weapons to fall back on, defeating a multi-person raid like Onyxia is mostly a matter of skill and very careful planning.

It is also a measure of dedication to the group on an individual players’ part. A naked raid requires absolute dedication to the plan, putting the group before oneself at all times. Players who play solo or pick a class based on how fun it is aren’t usually going for this level of required commitment. This is the sort of situation that requires class mastery by pragmatism, not fun. The result is spectacular.