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World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic: pre-patch will arrive on May 18

Blizzard announced the June 1 release of the remastered The Burning Crusade, the first expansion for its flagship MMORPG World of Warcraft, and its prepatch arriving on WoW Classic on May 18. This leaves only two weeks to take advantage of the new races and the nerf of the leveling before the release.

With the release of Burning Crusade Classic the realms will be split into two, those of Progression Burning Crusade Classic and those of the Classic Era. Two game clients will be available during the prepatch and when you first connect your character to one of the two you will be asked if you want to activate your clone for Burning Crusade Classic or for the Classic Era, making the character unplayable.

Also on May 18, players will have to decide whether to keep their previous World of Warcraft Classic character in the Legacy servers, crystallized over time, or to make them proceed to The Burning Crusade, with the new zones, level 70 and all. It is also possible to clone the character and have him in both worlds, at the cost (recently reduced) of $15.

WoW: Well prepared in the pre-patch
Anyone who has followed WoW Classic (buy now € 14.99) knows that there are some players who want to approach all areas of the game as optimally prepared as possible. A Reddit post from last night shows the extent of this with a view to the upcoming pre-patch. Below are the actions that some players have taken:

    Reservation of the desired name for the new blood elf or draenei by another character.
    The largest possible pockets for all character and bank spaces.
    Paladin only: All items required for the level 60 mount (40 x rune cloth, 10 x sun grass, 6 x arcanite bars, 5 x dark runes and 150 gold).
    Equipment upgrades for all five to ten levels – sometimes even enchanted.
    Sufficient materials to be able to bring the desired professions to 300 immediately.
    Farmable items that you need as a handover for certain collecting quests.
    Consumables such as elixirs, mana potions and buff food for the entire level phase.
    Elaborated level route up to level 60.
    Materials to be able to get the tier 3 equipment after the tier tokens have been obtained from Naxxramas.

Jewelery has also appeared as a new profession, allowing you to create gems to be crimped into your pieces of equipment. Although it is not useful before the full release of TBC Classic we advise you to mount it 300 during the pre patch.

New talent trees will also appear as well as the new spells accompanying them, such as the iconic Avenger’s Shield for protection paladins, you can see the talent trees here.

In addition, a new video has been released subtitled in Italian and dedicated to the launch of the pre-patch, with a presentation of Blood Elves and Draenei. As the official description says:

It's almost time to set foot in the Dark Portal and the shattered kingdom of Outland. Make your choice and play as a Blood Elf for the Horde or a Draenei for the Alliance with the arrival of the Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion patch!

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