Nookazon Is Basically Amazon for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items

Nookazon is a fan-made Animal Crossing: New Horizons website created by Daniel Luu that allows players to buy/sell any kind of items from other users to easily seek out rare items or even specific villagers.Nookzon easily lets you search for whatever item that you’re looking for and if it’s listed, all of the sellers will pop up alongside their asking price and Discord/Switch Online code.

There’s tons of items up for grabs already on the site, so if you’re looking to complete a collection of items of if you’re missing that one perfect item for your house, Nookazon seems like an authentic way to complete trades.Players have begun to share their experiences with Nookazon over this past weekend on Twitter and it all looks to be going well for most!

Players have seen Tom Nook as a Jeff Bezos-like business figure for some time now, and so it makes sense that they’d put his face and name on something as all-encompassing as Nookazon. The conceit, combined with the charming graphic design and colors of the site, almost make Nookazon feel like a natural part of New Horizons. No part of it breaks my immersion; it almost feels like a real Nook move. In addition, Cheap ACNH Materials is on hot sale at our website

Based off the bustling categories of the site, most fans don’t seem bothered by how easy one can game the Animal Crossing economy, which typically requires players to wait for whatever they might want. I have to admit, I find the site super fun to browse. Just like real Amazon, I’m tempted by a wall of items that I’ve never seen before, all of which would probably end up in my storage and largely untouched.

These online marketplaces are likely to cost you a lot more than just trading with a friend would, but for those who have their heart set on a particular item or villager to complete their aesthetic, it’s an option to look into.Although New Horizons has cut down on ways players can grief others in game, as always it’s worth using caution when inviting strangers to your island!