New Operators Will Come to Rainbow Six Siege

Developer Ubisoft Montreal has taken it upon itself to address issues facing the online tactical shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. If you liked this post and you would like to get even more information concerning Rainbow Six Siege Boost¬†kindly check out the web site.¬†In a tweet, Siege’s official Twitter account announced that, as it works on fixes (which include addressing exploits to claymores and shields), the defensive operator Clash has been disabled. Ubisoft began teasing the new operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Year 4 season 2 earlier this week with an image showing two characters from behind, one of whom appearing to be sneaking up on the other. Today we’ve got a little more information on one of them: Collinn McKinley, aka Warden, a 30-year veteran of the US Secret Service who looks like a cross between James Bond and your dad.

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The latest teaser is for a dapper looking defender named Collinn Warden McKinley. Hailing from the state of Kentucky, McKinley rose through the ranks of the Marines before he found his calling for close-protection detail in the Secret Service. He demonstrated his skills distinctly when he led the Secretary of State to safety, during an attack where hostiles outmaneuvered all prior planning, Ubisoft said. His tendency to follow his gut and his unshakable confidence have proved that he is in a league of his own. Its no wonder that he was recommended by high-ranking government officials. Now that he is part of the team, he faces a new challenge: to determine if his skillset and iron will remain unparalleled when faced with specialists of his own caliber.

A long-running Rainbow Six Siege shield glitch reared its ugly head once again late last week, and Ubisoft has been busy looking into potential fixes. This time around, however, the problem seems to be so severe that several aspects of the game have been temporarily disabled to prevent further disruption.

Several game-breaking bugs continue to strike Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, leveraging exploits detrimental to its tactical shooter combat. Ubisoft has now drafted plans to temporarily remove its shield-wielding defender “Clash” while engineering a fix, alongside deployable shields and claymores for all Operators. An assortment of major exploits has gained traction this week, allowing players to shoot through shields and appear invisible. The removal of Clash and two gadgets prevents executing the required steps for bugs to occur, while a patch remains in the works. Ubisoft has warned players the issues will “take longer than we consider acceptable to address,” currently slated for next week.