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NBA Live 18 or NBA 2K18 Which One is Better?

As of now we still can’t come up with the reason why Electronic Arts or 2K Games doesn’t put forward two or three months for their annual staple video game’s release to cater for students’ summer vacation and for their own sales-volume. Maybe because of those franchises’ history or some other certain secrets. What so ever, there’re merely 3 days before their debut, let’s see what happened and credible.

NBA Live 18 still established and operated on the Ignite graphics engine, the framework used to power FIFA 16 before its switch over to Frostbite, while Madden franchise caught up the last bus. Despite of how old the engine is, it’s still a first-class game engine in the world along with Unreal, unity, CryEngine etc., it still produces the convincing characters and courts required for a truly immersive basketball game experience.

NBA Live 18 will see us the return of many familiar faces such as Dynasty Mode, Rising Star and Ultimate Team. The first story mode of NBA Live franchise – The One has also been confirmed officially. During which you can create your unique avatar and select your way to play in NBA, make vital career decisions and rise through the ranks.
There are tons of hypes of Live 18, largely because watching EA Sports make a serious investment into a basketball franchise with the hopes of taking on NBA 2K is incredible fascinating. But I am excited to play as the Cavaliers and frustrate my friends as I run a two to three zone with Thomas in the middle.

There’re no two identical leaves in the world, similarly the gameplay is a little bit different between 2K and Live, but I encourage you to try them out by yourselves because I’m not going to sit here and try to estimate what you prefer in a basketball game. It may be the presentation. It may be the experience. You may prefer a surreal exciting gameplay, or you may like a life-like graphics video game.

Harden was all over this summer, from Los Angeles to New York to Paris to China. Besides his working out in gymnasiums, the 28 years old vet has been spending time at fashion shows, sneaker events and concerts as well. Now he is undergoing with Houston’s retrieve from Hurricane Harvey.

As for current gameplay of NBA Live 18, when you reach lv.20, it doesn’t allow you to continue with online games. We haven’t work out if that is a glitch or on purpose design. I’ve pre-ordered the game for the sake of continuing to play 5v5 online after lv.20 but it doen’t work. However, it’s only $40 for pre-order.

There is NBA Live 18, and there is NBA 2K18 too. These are two different entities made by two different monopoly of sports video game company. Both of basketball simulation games will have their own demo that allows you to make that choice. I will not recommend neither of them for you unless you try personally, play both the demos and the answer will be clear in your mind.

Do not parrot others’ opinion on the internet, even by your close friends, tastes differ. There are massive reasons when it comes to why someone prefers this over 2K18 while someone prefers 2K18 over this one.