Where to find Luma Temtem and how to catch Luma Temtem?

What are Luma Temtem, and how do you find them? Tamers are ravenously exploring the world of Temtem: they’re exploring, catching, collecting, battling, and just generally having a whale of a time. As you travel across the game’s six airborne archipelagos, you’ll see many different creatures that slot into a certain type and find  out how evolution works. But there are super special Temtem that are the rarest of them all, Luma Temtem.

These extra special creatures are similar to Shiny Pokémon, they have a different appearance and better stats than their standard siblings. You’ll know when you come across one straight away: its striking color palette and glowing, sparkling aura are unmistakable.

Luma Temtem are incredibly rare with only a 1/6000 chance of spawning in the wild. If you’re serious about getting a Luma, you’re likely going to have to dedicate several (if not hundreds) of hours to Temtem catching in order to obtain one. Luma Temtem all have very different coloring from their normal variants, so they’re easy to detect. Some will be surrounded by shimmering stars when they appear, and most will have a neon blue outline making their rarity clear. And if you want to Buy Temtem Pansun, visit 5mmo.com, a professional online in-game currency store.

All Lumas have at least three perfect stats known as Single Values (SVs). A typical Temtem’s SVs are randomly generated for each stat ranging in value between 1 and 50 and can only be changed by using rare items. Since Lumas are guaranteed to have at least three maxed out SVs, they tend to be more powerful than their normal-looking variants.

In the chance that you do encounter a Luma Temtem, you’ll know by the color variant and special effect.  If you run into one, you’ll want to get its health down to red as this will increase your chances of capture when you use a TemCard..