Toram Online

The Ultimate Tips and Strategy Guide of Toram Online

Toram Online is a free to play Japanese fantasy MMORPG for mobile devices with sandbox gameplay and a skill-based, classless character advancement system. Create a character and build them however you like; you may choose which skills to learn, and which ones to train and advance! An ancient cataclysm left the world’s surface drastically altered, with four different groups emerging when the dust and debris settled. Enjoy true open-world freedom as you wander this patchwork land, meeting its people and learning its story. Along the way, you will find secrets, explore the unknown, and even venture deep underground, where dangers and treasure lurk.

Even though there is no auto-populate feature like there is in most mobile MMOs, the game still gives you direction on where to go – you just have a more active part in it. Look for the little arrow/plumb bob to appear on screen and follow it, and it will lead you to your destination. Hit the action button to do what you need to do, which usually will be either talking to someone, opening a door, or attacking monsters.

So, are you ready to learn everything you need to know about the game? Then let’s not waste another second and dive right into the Toram Online tips and tricks right here below!

Follow the main quest line
Now if you are familiar with RPGs (both for PC and mobile), then you might already know that the main quest line will be your best friend until mid-high levels, because the EXP you get is just that crazy!

Complete side quests
When you will go to a city, you will definitely find a lot of new NPCs, most of them with side quests ready for you to accept. These side quests can give you various types of rewards, from EXP to items.

Go fight monsters – and bosses too!
You can go fight various monsters that you find in a map (I recommend fighting monsters around your level, maybe 3-4 levels above you) to gain even more EXP and levels, but also to practice your fighting skills!

Whenever you fight, you will have to get in range with the monsters (or bosses – but that’s another story, so check below) and press on the red “Action” button that pops up. This will let you attack the enemies.

Choose your starting weapon wisely
When you will first create your character in Toram Online you will have a few choices that you can make regarding your weapon. There are a few types of weapons which I don’t recommend if you are a beginner, mostly because they will be pretty annoying to deal with unless you know what you’re doing.

Log in several days in a row to claim rewards!
If you are simply too lazy to log in and play a particular day, I really urge you to put that aside for a couple of minutes to just log in to the game and claim your daily stamp! When you will log continuously in the game for 5 days straight you will receive an awesome award, so even if you don’t want to play that day, just log in and to claim it and then log off again!

Whenever you level up, add more stats to your character
Whenever you level up, open the Menu (top left corner) -> Character -> Stats and there you will have in the bottom side a “Build Character” tab. Tap on it and you will open a new window, which will let you distribute various stats: STR, INT, VIT, AGI, DEX.

Check the Events and special rewards!
This section will help you especially if you start early on! If you are a f2p player, you can open the Orb Shop -> Orb Shop and scroll all the way down until you see “Potum Darts”. There you can throw up to 3 times every day, but only claim one of the rewards!

This can be done daily, so check back every day and aim for what you want the most (and hope that you get it too)!

Customize Your Character
There is no class system in Toram Online; your character’s strengths and weaknesses are dictated by skills you choose and use! You can even choose from more than 50 billion appearance combinations!

Hire mercenaries to help you fight
Mercenaries can be hired from the Menu -> Community -> Party -> Hire a Mercenary with Spina. You can do this to have another player’s character help you in your battles for anything you might need.

You can also register yourself as a Mercenary, by tapping the “Mercenary Registration” option instead. This will let other players hire your character too!

Toram Online is a social game, and lets you play with friends from all over the world. Work together to explore the world and face its challenges. Whatever you like to do, you’ll never need to do it alone.

These would be all of our Toram Online tips and tricks that have for you right now! If you know a few more useful game tips that you would like to share with the players, leave them down in the comments section below!