Take a Look at What’s New in the World of 8 Ball Pool

Challenge Settings

We’ve added the option to ignore challenge requests from people who aren’t on your friends list, giving you much greater control over who you play against. Are you the kind of 8 Baller who just wants to play their friends? Use screen-recording software like Bandicam or Camtasia. Just remember to hit the record button before you make your killer shot. Last week we made a change to our Beat The Boss events for the first time ever, there’s now a Pool Cash prize up for grabs for anyone.


We have a new update for the best game of billiards 8 Ball Pool. Let’s find out what’s new and interesting prepared for us by the developers. Developers regularly listen to all the reviews and comments of players and are trying to improve the game and make it even more comfortable.

1. You can turn countries cues into cues wins
2. Improve your cues and get extra bonuses and wins
3. A new store will open, where you can buy interesting copies of cues.

8 ball pool: It is very popular game rated 4.6 rating in google playstore. A lot of user loves to play this game because of its multiplayer facilities and accurate online game with proper balanced and avtars. This is really a wonderful game to play out in every time in whole day this is real multiplayer battle of billiards where you can upgrade yourself by playing daily. there was a new update for the game 8 Ball Pool. If you beloved this report and you would like to get far more data with regards to Cheap 8 Ball Pool Cash kindly check out the web-site. The current version of the game for today 3.13.5. This update is not large-scale, but rather corrective. Here you will find some changes and improvements to the game.

Hi-Lo Mini Game

A new mini-game just landed on 8 Ball Pool on web: Hi-Lo. It’s simple to play: just predict whether the next ball is going to be higher or lower than the last one. We just released the new trickshot masterclass, featuring some mighty fine shots from Farha, Kaleem, knight shade, Aleksandros, Dusko and Subject 16.

We’re always impressed when we see a 10-rail trickshot on the 8 Ball but if you could do that while not hitting any of the other balls on the table then we’d be picking up our jaws up from the floor. Some of the videos we receive make us go woah and we have to sit here watching and re-watching the vid to try and work out what just happened. The game is becoming popular all over the world, so players from all over the world want to play in 8 Ball Pool, for this reason, developers regularly add new languages. This time it’s Indonesian.

If you want to experience new features and changes, you need to restart the game. To do this, go to the download section and install the new version. The struggle for the country’s cue continues, now there have been some changes. Country Cues now transform into Victory Cues. Become the best cue for your country and get nice prizes. What’s next for 8 Ball Pool? We have some very cool stuff on the way, which we should have a lot more info about in time for the next Community update.