Angry Birds EPIC RPG

Rovio has confirmed Angry Birds Epic will soft launch in Australia and Canada

Just a few days after Rovio released a teaser trailer for a new Angry Birds game, there is more news to follow. New reports, replete with screenshots, indicate the game will be called Angry Birds Epic, and be a narrative-based, turn-based strategy role-playing game.

If true, Angry Birds Epic would be a breakaway from the regular bird-flinging gameplay that users have been accustomed to playing. The new trailer that had debuted on Saturday, showed the red bird in a knight’s armour with the word ‘Epic’ being prominently highlighted.The game was announced for a soft launch first in Australia and Canada in the teaser trailer, possibly to test out the in-app purchase system for the free-to-play game. No availability details have been mentioned however.

For starters, the game isn’t going to be a bird-slinging lesson in physics. According to The Next Web, Rovio is going the turn-based, role-playing route for Angry Birds Epic — which makes us first wonder if the birds and pigs will be voiced? Subtitled? Silent?

There’s apparently also going to be an actual narrative campaign throughout said RPG title, the blog said. That’s not a big surprise for the genre, but it is a bit of a surprise for Angry Birds: there’s not usually much of a plot when it comes to the mobile game beyond knocking down pigs.

Other reports suggest that the game could also tie-in to the Angry Birds cartoon. Of the birds that are said to be playable characters in Angry Birds Epic, the red bird will be the Knight class, while the yellow bird will be the Mage. There are no other details on any of the other birds. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy Angry Birds EPIC RPG Lucky Coins from at a reasonable price.