Rocket League

Rocket League Blueprint Update will go live on December

It’s all change for Rocket League this December. After four years of monetisation built around randomised loot boxes and DLC, developer Psyonix will soon be jettisoning both. Rocket League’s loot box replacements have already been well-documented, of course. When Psyonix rolls out its new monetisation overhaul some time in December, blind randomised Crates (ie. loot boxes) with pay-to-unlock key mechanics will be replaced by Blueprints. These are rewarded through regular play and, crucially, show players the exact item that will be crafted should they wish to spend premium currency to do so.

Blueprints have a chance to drop after matches are played amd will show you exactly what item you can create from it, for a set price. These Blueprints have no time limit so players can choose when or if they wish to obtain the item. The price will be in ‘Credits’ which will be the new premium currency within Rocket League for Blueprints and the Item Shop. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Rocket League decals at by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

Any Crates that remain in a player’s inventory when the update goes live, will be converted to Blueprints from the same series. Blueprints converted in this way appear as “unrevealed” in your inventory.

Items can be purchased with Credits — Rocket League’s new premium currency. Any keys you currently have in your inventory will be converted to 100 Credits to use in the Item Shop, either on Blueprints or to upgrade to Rocket Pass Premium. Credits can be bought and also earned in Rocket Pass Premium. Psyonix has detailed how much packs of Credits will cost; however, we don’t have any prices on individual items just yet.

500 Credits – $4.99 USD or region equivalent
1100 Credits – $9.99 USD or regional equivalent
3000 Credits – $24.99 USD or regional equivalent
6500 Credits – $49.99 USD or regional equivalent

All premium DLC packs will no longer be available to purchase after the December update, but may still appear as individual items for sale in the Item Shop. The new update will be rolled out on December 4.