Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Civilizations globally reaches Android devices

Rise of Civilizations it is a strategic one with elements of city building and real-time clashes on a map of decent size developed by Lilith Games. Outside of its base, the map is inhabited by both other players and non-player characters. You can send scouts to find out what is hiding under the fog that surrounds the surrounding lands, you can gather resources, fight barbarians and other adversaries or forge alliances.

We have eight civilizations to choose from during the beginning, each with its own special bonuses, a unique troop and a historical character as leader. Germany, China, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Thailand, Italy and Japan are the selectable countries. From here we will be immersed in a constant guided tutorial in which we will have dozens of tasks to complete daily: upload level buildings, create troops, collect resources, clean the barbarian map or find special locations will be some of our constant tasks to perform.

It is not a problem for those who are familiar with mechanics, but the number of missions and requirements is so great that most of the time we will be browsing the menus while completing all the tasks. Luckily, once we have been playing for several days and we get up in historical age, things will get better and more complicated as soon as other players intervene and alliances have to be helped. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap ROC Resources at 5mmo.com by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

Once the range of actions expands and we begin to explore the world map, everything makes sense. Any action is performed in real time, so, without going any further, an expedition to a distant point may take hours. This means that they could also attack our village, giving us information about the estimated time of arrival and, therefore, allowing us to create the necessary fortifications or defenses to counter it.

From here, we are already entering the field of participation in guilds and in-depth management of our troops. Without going any further, the heroes we are recruiting will have their own skill tree, as well as various permanent effects that affect both the combat and the city itself. The wise choice of types of units for each situation, the control of resource extraction areas and surveillance of trade routes will be our daily bread when we begin to dive into the endgame.