Pokemon GO Develops New Captcha Security Feature to Stop Cheaters

Pokemon GO is developing a new captcha security feature! The most popular mobile phone game in the market has just gotten a new layer of security. A string of controversy has been plaguing Pokemon GO since it first released.

The controversies consisted of players who have been getting a huge edge over everyone by cheating. Pokemon GO game developer Niantic has since made updates in order to ban and improve security in order to level out the playing field. In Niantic’s recent string of anti-cheating updates, they have just pushed out a new feature that’ll make hackers everywhere cringe. Niantic has now implemented a new Captcha security feature. Surprisingly the century old captcha feature is actually proving to effective.

Several great hackers have already been thwarted by the simple captcha feature. The hackers had to admit that with improved security updates such as this might work. Pokemon GO might become unhackable in the future. Niantic has been banning players for cheating. But what’s surprising in the persistence of other players to continue cheating even after getting banned. This is the main reason why the developer team has had the captcha feature implemented.

The captcha method is great for verifying the real users. It’s a simple method that can easily block bots from abusing the game for cheaters. The new feature is still under development. But odds are, it will be released soon. If this feature proves to be effective, bots and third-party trackers will essentially be blocked from the game.

Renowned hacker Steven Bartell praises the new captcha feature. He admits that the captcha security feature will be quite hard to hack. Bartell is also behind the infamous Pokemon GO bot website. He has made a statement to close the site in order to protect the users from the incoming ban hammer.

The new feature will essentially make the game more fair for everyone. But some players are worried that the new feature will change some core functions of the game. But then again, the feature might not affect anything too negatively. If the feature occurs when a player spins a Pokestop while catching pokemon, the app and gameplay experience won’t really be affected. The new feature has yet to be implemented. And once it comes it will be good news to fair players and bad news for cheaters.