Offensive skills and gameplay have been increased in the FIFA 17

【High screen quality】
Honestly, when playing FIFA16 is more disappointed, whether the game screen or above, compared to its predecessor FIFA16 have no great progress, and for the New Year games such as FIFA, there is not much improvement is the original to mark time or even backwards. And after last year’s less successful one for this year’s performance in the picture above FIFA17 really make an impact. Player models would not have said, the money plus authorization, the degree of reduction of the players, as well as the action of natural expression is nearly perfect. Screen 15 is too dim, the screen 16 is too bright, the picture and let the lighting effects 17 players feel quite comfortable, long game is not much eye discomfort. In the course of the above expression, FIFA17 called “ultra-high-school level.” Whether it is realistic level turf, lighting effects inside the stadium, reducing the degree of competition, after the game or highlight playback performance above, it is really quite commendable. In particular audience, compared to previous generations of the same color that a “stiff” audience, FIFA17 audience more real, make the game more realistic and have a sense of the scene. The high degree of reduction of the coaches and players close-up, interspersed in the game is really quite good.fifa 17 coins

Commentary FIFA player aspect is of course an old friend of Martin Tyler and Alan Smith, have to say to listen to these two explanations grew FIFA players, if less, then the two men explain, FIFA is incomplete . Live-sound aspects of the case, in fact, like FIFA or the fact that the series be almost perfect. Comes mentioning is that the demo version of the background music is still quite nice, after entering the game to hear this music, then it can be considered a treat.

【kick off】
Basically every generation FIFA gameplay are improved, compared to the previous version of the world to go riding alone, FIFA growing emphasis on defensive and offensive game in the integrity of the game and you move forward in the offensive zone even 3 dribbling and passing the area 2 space is getting narrower, while the speed advantage between the different players is reduced further, no plan and purpose of offense and defense is bound to bring to lose the ball and missed gates bitter. And with respect to the first few tight ball players can easily steal this for closing down the ball carrier and above the defense to put the strength and energy are far greater, and the party of non-controlling defensive player outside the area the closing down of consciousness is not strong, unless it is issued a directive, players such time and energy consumed in the defense is greatly increased.
But it is disappointing that the issue AI random process under tight ball still has not been completely improved (although less), for example, sometimes in the midfield closing down its holding staff positions, originally for the offense and did not cause much of a threat, but the players will suddenly panic because the brain short-circuit, speaking directly to their own ball kicked out of the bottom line, then the party will somehow get the opportunity of a corner kick.

The biggest change in the game should be the corner-kick and penalty patterns, corner and penalty exchanged pattern, into the corner of the penalty circle positioning mode, and the corner of the penalty becomes an arrow pointing mode . After the two-phase exchange, it should say a lot lower corner of difficulty, basically the circle where the player will be able to tell where the ball bound, scoring a corner becomes relatively easy. While the opposite, because it is the arrow pointing to the penalty spot mode, until a penalty before the moment the arrow keys are not relax, otherwise the penalty will be kicked. Together with respect to the style of play, this style of play will undoubtedly increase the difficulty and uncertainty of the penalty punishment. Another point is the corner or in the dead ball when the player without the ball in motion following is increased, and restore more real. The game pattern of offensive skills increase, for the game fun and gameplay are improved to some extent.