Home Depot is joining a slate of retailers in “reinventing” Black Friday

Home Depot Gift Cards Home Depot is joining a slate of retailers in “reinventing” Black Friday this year in an effort to prevent large crowds from gathering amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The retailer in a statement on its website said it decided to “reinvent” Black Friday this year in order to reduce stress for consumers who typically rush to stores in droves to grab the best deals. Given the pandemic the company indicated that maintaining safety was also a factor in its decision.

The novel coronavirus is not the first health risk associated with Black Friday. In recent years shoppers at various retailers have been trampled by crowds raring for a cheap televisions and refrigerators Buy Home Depot E Gift Card pepper-sprayed each other over Xboxes and pinned terrified Walmart employees against piles of merchandise according to Intelligencer. In 2012 there was even a bomb threat at a Home Depot in Long Island.

“Starting with reinventing Black Friday we’re improving the shopping experience with your safety and wellbeing as our priority,” the company wrote on its website. “Say goodbye to one day of frenzied shopping and enjoy Black Friday savings all season long without the stress and crowds.”

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