Fishdom has gained very much popularity among the mobile gaming community

Fishdom is another 3 Puzzle game from Playrix that has gained very much popularity among the mobile gaming community. Similar to any other 3 Puzzle game Playrix has kept it very simple with the underwater marine environment.

Fishdom initially appears to be a free-to-play aquarium sim, of which there are already several modestly successful — if rather dull — examples on iOS. However, the reality is actually somewhat different — while the player’s progress through the game is largely determined by how attractive and full of fish their aquarium is, the main bulk of gameplay consists of a match-3 puzzler in the Bejeweled mold.

Each puzzle mode level takes place on a different grid, and requires the player to destroy all the specially-colored tiles by making matches over them by swapping objects around. Depending on the color of the tile, it may require more than one match to be made atop it to destroy it. As usual for the genre, various powerups make an appearance when the player matches more than three objects at the same time, and these can be used to make destroying the tiles easier. Each level has an extremely generous time limit, and play returns to the aquarium rather than progressing to the next level when it is completed. Upon completing a level, the player receives money according to how many tiles they destroyed plus a bonus for the score they attained and how much time they had remaining. As the player progresses through the levels, new game features such as locked pieces come into play, requiring some strategic adjustments. In addition, Cheap Fishdom Accounts is on hot sale at our website

The free version of the game limits players’ progress, but the full game may be unlocked for a one-off in-app purchase that costs $2.99. Unlocking the full game provides access to three different fish tanks to decorate, a hefty number of replayable levels (which marketing blurb for the game variously describes as “130 levels” and, a little more inaccurately, as “an unlimited number of levels”) and a wider selection of fish and decorative items to purchase.

Playrix Entertainment has become known as a leading casual games developer and publisher. The team behind such hits as The Rise of Atlantis, Fishdom, 4 Elements and Call of Atlantis is progressively increasing production by creating new compelling games and engaging gaming experiences on a variety of platforms.