FIFA 17 TIPS: Most Valuable Skill Moves!

The biggest difference that distinguish FIFA17 from FIFA 16 is the adding of five news skills. Not all players know the exact detail of them and choose the best one which suit his play style. those skills have their unique features and separated application Scenario. if you use them incorrectly, you may get opposite effect and suffer a huge loss. for players who are looking forward to find useful skills to perform better in the game, the following guides is the best option for them.


Heel Flick Turn

– Great switchup skill move that catches your opponents off guard due to the new animation
– Very deceptive because it shares an identical opening execution to the Heel Flick, however, the delivery includes an additional fake
– Draws fouls often, including PKs with high frequency

Fake Pass

– Can be used against high-pressure opponents with validity if you are able to execute the skill seamlessly with instinctive reactions
– At the end of matches, this skill can be used to create possession space
– The fake pass is beautiful in theory, but it lacks regular opportunities in terms of usage, especially in a high level FIFA matches

Bolasie Spin

– Can be used as a change up with the Berba Spin in order to catch an opponent off guard
– The timing and final execution differentiates between the Berba / McGeady spin, which allows this skill to be intertwined with those as a premium change of pace
– Not a high validity rate in terms of execution and only five star skillers are able to perform the Bolasie Spin

Rabona Shot

– This add-on in FIFA 17 is solely for the skillers of ultimate team
– I can’t see a situation where a Rabona Shot is more effective than the normal power finish or placed finesse
– Looks amazing! Low rate of being able to score with this technique

No Touch Dribble

– All players can perform the No Touch Dribble (common Skill) on the pitch
– For player who compete in a“Stop and Go” formation, this skill is the most valuable move.
– The earning curve on the No Touch Dribble is longer than many other skills which have been use previously.
– Once mastered, this skill can be an incredible combo-based move all over the pitch
– Good for shielding the ball, especially on the sidelines if you are looking for strength-based possession play

What do you think of the new moves in FIFA 17? Let us know in the comments below.

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