Brief Guides on the Best Equipment for Blaze Wizard and Bishop of MapleStory M

Blaze Wizard was introduced a few days ago along with other Cygnus Knights classes and is meant to be an attacking class. Bishop and Blaze Wizard are the magicians of MapleStory M. The former may be a support class but actually deals quite decent DPS. It’s obtainable only through Hard Zakum, not the normal difficulty as the latter gives the epic rank helmet. However, as Chaos Zakum will be introduced in the future, the best would be the legendary Zakum helmet which is not available yet.

If you haven’t read the patch notes yet, here’s an easy-to-read guide for you to know all about Monster Mashers. These monsters are planning to run over the entire MapleStory M World. In order to stop them, you and your friends need to form alliances to beat them before they carry out their evil plans. Here’s the catch, though. Only one member of the maximum 4-member party will be able to deactivate the totems.

Normal totem – nothing happens
Kill Count Totem – will be counted as two totems deactivated when deactivated.
Time Buff Totem – The play time will be extended when deactivated.
Fever Buff Totem – Fever gauge for all members will be filled when deactivated.


The more money you pour into this game, the better your equipment should be. That doesn’t mean F2P players can’t have good equips. It just takes a much longer time to get there. Here are a few ways you can increase your damage in MapleStory M. With the launch of Cygnus Knights a couple of days ago, many are wondering which is the strongest class to play in MapleStory M.

The Eligos Bloody Mail is preferred for the evade route as it gives some evade stats. The other contender is the Eclectic which gives critical attack. The evade stat increases a lot as you level your item or rank it up to legendary and mythic. Since you’re probably using an Immortal Pharaoh Belt, you need some accuracy and it comes from the gloves. Likewise, the higher the level of your gloves, the more accuracy it has. Accuracy is preferred to critical attack as you can’t do damage if you keep missing the enemy.

There are two ways to go for this. You either choose a pure damage set or an evade set. If you were a Night Lord, I would definitely recommend pure damage since you have invincibility skills. However, there was an error in MapleStory M yesterday that revealed a Chaos Zakum expedition with a legendary rank Zakum helmet as one of the rewards. If you liked this post and you would like to get even more information concerning Cheap MapleStory M Currency kindly check out the web site.

The Halloween-themed Midnight Monster Bash has officially been announced and starts next week. Finally, Dark Lords of Darkness returns and players collect talismans dropped by monsters and use them to complete other quests for rare totem rewards. So there’s plenty of action going around, and that’s just the start of it. That is because the Night Walker and Wind Archer seem to be much weaker than the Korean version of the game. Someone even did a screenshot to compare the skill damage and there’s a huge difference. That said, there’s a possibility that Nexon will buff these characters in the future.

As for cape, the best option for evade stats would be the Bloody Cape. Another contender is the Sirius Cape which adds critical rate. The best is to have a high amount of both critical damage and critical rate. That said, Jaihin is the preferred choice for me, because you can always buy critical rate and boss attack buffs from Mu Lung Dojo.